"Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge." - Stephen Hawking

Welcome to the Science curriculum page!

At Meole Brace Primary, we aim to make school a place where children are encouraged to respect and explore the world of Science, quenching their thirsts for scientific knowledge. Topics are taught in an interactive, memorable way and children are encouraged to persevere to answer questions and enquiries, thinking and working scientifically.

Science 1.jpg
Year 1 children comparing and sorting materials by their properties.

Whether sorting and comparing materials in Year 1, or learning how nutrients from the food we eat get into our bloodstream in Year 6, through hands on demonstrations, investigations and experiments, we provide the children with context for their learning to help them to retain the knowledge taught. 

Science 2.jpg
Year 6 learning how the nutrients from our food get into the bloodstream.

The 'Progression of Knowledge' pages within our Science Subject Handbook show how children's scientific knowledge grows from the Early Years Foundation Stage up to the end of Key Stage 2, but Science is also embedded throughout our school curriculum to ensure that children gain the knowledge and skills they need for the future and we help them to recognise the different career paths and options that science can open up to them.

Science 3.jpg
Learning about the water cycle on a residential visit to Arthog Outdoor Education Centre.

For further information, please explore our Science Subject Handbook

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