Pupil Leadership

To ensure children have a voice in our school community, we have a variety of pupil leadership roles, including School Council, House Captains, Pupil Chaplains and Librarians.

School Council

The School Council members are democratically elected by their peers at the start of the year and it is their role to meet regularly with Mrs Lakin to share the children's views about school and what we can do to make it even better all the time. They also lead assemblies and Collective Worship to raise important issues in our school and our wider communities, inspiring other children to be courageous advocates for change.

School Council.JPG
School Council 2023/2024

House Captains

The House Captains are ambassadors for the four houses, Holly, Oak, Sycamore and Chestnut and they represent their respective teams at school events and competitions such as Sports Day. It is also the responsibility of the House Captains to calculate the house points from across the school each week and set up the halls for Collective Worship. 

House Captains 2023.jpg
House Captains 2023/2024

Pupil Chaplains

In order to take on the position of Pupil Chaplain, the children have to apply to their teachers and the Church Team, stating what they think they would bring to the role. The Pupil Chaplains then help to maintain the Christian distinctiveness of the school, upholding our Christian ethos, vision and values. They also lead and support Collective Worship at different points through the year, both in school and at the Church. 

Pupil Chaplains.JPG
Pupil Chaplains 2023/2024


Finally, the Librarians are responsible for the upkeep and organisation of our beautiful library. They also have a love of reading and books and so act as reading ambassadors, sharing and recommending books for children throughout the school.

Librarians 1(1).jpg

Librarians 2.jpg
Librarians 2023/2024