"You live a new life for every language you speak. If you only know one language, you only live once." - Czech proverb

Languages broaden children's horizons and open doors to our global communities. At Meole Brace C of E Primary School and Nursery, we learn languages formally from Year 3 onwards, and the curriculum is designed so that the children learn to hear, speak, read and write French, building upon knowledge to secure greater understanding as they move up through the year groups. 

days of week french(1).JPG
Children practising key vocabulary which they will learn to apply verbally and in writing. 

We persevere and  learn through songs, stories, phonics and grammar lessons, which not only stengthens the knowledge of French, but the knowledge of grammar in all languages. This will aid children in their pursuit of acquiring other languages later in their learning journeys. 

french write smile(3).JPG
Children applying their knowledge in their writing.

We celebrate cultural differences, and seize upon opportunities to engage in the languages of our students who may speak another language at home. Through looking for congnates, which are similar sounds and spellings across different languages, we can make links between the languages and see how we are one community which has, through time, moved and settled across the globe, sharing culture and language as we travel. This promotes a lifelong respect for others.

To find out more, please explore our Languages Subject Handbook.

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