Collective Worship

Collective worship is the unique heartbeat of a Church school and is a time each day in which we develop a sense of pride in belonging to our school Community, when we explore moral and spiritual values in an act of worship and teach the principles of our Christian faith. We also use Collective Worship time to explore global and local issues and events, supporting children in forming and voicing their views and in becoming courageous advocates for change when they see injustice in the world. 

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Pupil-led Collective Worship

During Collective Worship, children are welcomed using read and respond words that remind them of the Holy Trinity and our reasons for coming together to worship as a school Community. Collective Worship takes on many forms and can be led by children and adults alike, but it will ordinarily include a prayer and a moment for quiet reflection and contmeplation. 

Collective Worship Cycle

Monday: Whole-school Collective Worhsip centred around a Bible story or scripture and linking to the Christian value of the half term. Led by the Headteacher, Pupil Chaplains or other children. 

Tuesday: Whole-school 'Well-Being Worship'. Using the focus Christian value of the half term and our School Christian vision and values as inspiration, children explore how they can support one another's physical, social and emotional well-being. A game for the week may be introduced and 'Well-being Warriors' are appointed to lead this. Children may also enjoy singing hymns and Christian songs to worship in an alternative way or the adult leading may share a story linking to the half termly value and the school's core Christian values. Led by different Teachers and children from across the school. 

Wednesday: Whole-school Open the Book Collective Worship. Visiting members of the Church team, including the Vicar, the School Chaplain and the Children and Families Minister share a Bible story through drama and make links to our core Christian values and the values explored throughout each half term. Led by the Church Team, Pupil Chaplains and children from across the school.

Thursday: In-class Current Affairs Collective Worship. Children and adults take part in an act of worship focusing on current global and local issues, using the Picture News resource as a stimulus for discussion. Children are encouraged to share their views with Respect for others. Led by Class Teachers and children in each class.

Friday: EYFS/KS1 Celebration Worship and KS2 Celebration Worship. A child from each class receives a Headteacher Award for displaying one of the school's Christian values of Community, Respect or Perseverance. Children's achievements, both in and out of school, are also celebrated through 'Special Mentions' and they are praised for 'letting their lights shine', in line with our School Vision. Led by the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher, with contributions from all staff and children from across the school. 

Participation in Collective Worship

We expect all children to attend daily Collective Worship, however, any parents/carers can request permission for their child to be excused from attending religious worship and the School will make alternative arrangements for the supervision of the child during the period concerned. Parents/carers do not have to explain or give reasons for this. Parents/carers may also withdraw their child from RE lessons in compliance with the 1988 Education Reform Act.