Courageous Advocacy

We are courageous advocates! This means that the children are encouraged to be outspoken about injustice when they find it and to question 'Why?' and 'What can we do to make a change for the better?' To support this we have a weekly Current Affairs Collective Worship session in which the children learn about local and global issues, using Picture News as a basis for discussions. These sessions have led to children's developing awareness of a range of issues and to them actively campaigning for improvements. For example, some Key Stage 2 children demanded that leadership in the school look at our plastic usage and how we can reduce this and a group of Year 5 children were inspired to plan and lead Collective Worship about the conflict in Ukraine, in solidarity with those suffering. 

Ukraine 2.jpg
Pupil-led Collective Worship in support of the people of Ukraine

As a staff team, we are committed to developing citizenship in preparation for life within our local, national and global communities and engage in social action for change which the children embrace. Our Christian vision and values underpin all of this work as children are nurtured to let their lights shine in showing support for others in our global Community, they show Respect for everyone, whatever their faith or background and they Persevere in their efforts to make the world a better place.

While courageous advocacy at Meole Brace goes far beyond fund-raising, pupils, staff, Governors and parents/carers actively support a range of charities locally, nationally and globally; we work tirelessly to make a difference to other peoples’ lives. Charitable organisations supported recently include the Ark and Shrewsbury Food Bank. We also take part in national initiatives for charities such as Children in Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief. 

Courageous Advocacy.jpg
The Courageous Advocacy board