PSE, RHE and Sex Education



At Meole Brace C of E Primary School and Nursery, we have designed a Personal, Social and Economic Education, Relationships and Health Education and Sex Education programme that provides our children with important skills in decision making, forming positive relationships and pursuing healthy lifestyles. This curriculum places great importance in providing children with a good foundation of knowledge in all aspects of health and well-being, relationships and living in the wider world . Our three school values of Perseverance, Respect and Community are at the heart of children's learning. 

This curriculum recognises the contextual needs of our children and has been planned to address important themes within the local and wider community as well as national issues. In doing this, we aim to teach our children to become confident and thoughtful members of the community who have the correct knowledge and information to make wise choices as they become more independent.  

To learn more, please watch our Parent/Carer information video following the link sent through our school texting service. 

Our whole school progression map and vocabulary lists can be seen below.



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